Discover ChatGPT (AI) to Enhance Your Beauty and Wellness Skills

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Empower Your Career with Cutting-Edge Technology

Join us for a transformative two-day seminar designed exclusively for beauty and hair professionals at Orane International. This hands-on workshop will introduce you to ChatGPT, an advanced AI tool that opens new pathways in customer interaction, information retrieval, and staying ahead in the beauty industry.

Why Attend?

  • Start from scratch and learn how ChatGPT can be your digital assistant.
  • See real-life scenarios of ChatGPT in beauty consultations, trend analysis, and customer service.
  • Get hands-on experience with guided ChatGPT conversations relevant to beauty and haircare.
  • Instructions and support in both English and Hindi for a seamless learning experience.

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What You’ll Gain

Certificate of Completion: 

Resource Materials: Access to seminar presentations and additional learning materials

Expert Guidance: Learn from instructors with deep knowledge of AI technology and its application in the beauty industry.

Seminar Details

2 days( 1 hr/day)
English and Hindi